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Quotes by Dr. Amos Wilson

"We have a school system that is based upon the psychology of White children and White people. We are trying to educate our children in that system; they are bound to fail. The very structure of the educational; system itself is based upon a white model and therefore it has a built-in failure mechanism for us, one way or the other."

“European historiography functions to maintain a social system, to psychologize and create a personality orientation in its readers or hearer. Through force, deceit and mental manipulation, European historiography creates normative beliefs and pathologies that conditions the mind and behaviors of the oppressed.”

"The idea that we must necessarily arrive at a point greater than that reached by our ancestors could possibly be an illusion. The idea that somehow according to some great universal principle we are going to be in a better condition than our ancestors is an illusion which often results from not studying history and recognizing that progressions and regressions occur; that integrations and disintegrations occur in history."

Thank you, Dr. Wilson.

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