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Diagnosing Whiteness & Anti-Blackness

White Psychopathology, Collective
Psychosis and Trauma in America

Law shapes culture. Religion shapes culture. Education shapes culture. Institutional policies and practices shape culture. This is the central premise of Diagnosing Whiteness & Anti-Blackness: White Psychopathology, Trauma, and Collective Psychosis in America. The construction of Whiteness as a socio-political, socio-cultural, psycho-social, and psycho-political brand is fearlessly documented in Diagnosing Whiteness & Anti-Blackness, revealing how anti-Blackness is deeply embedded in America's fabric. It explores systemic and systematic violence perpetrated against Black people. Challenging our understanding of history, law, and culture itself, Diagnosing Whiteness & Anti-Blackness walks readers through hundreds of legal and historical cases that have embedded anti-Blackness into the very nature of American culture. The weight of the law and its impact on the ordinary lives of both of Black and White people becomes clear. In a contemporary culture where buzzwords like Critical Race Theory, BLM, wokeness, and intersectionality have become embedded in everyday conversation, Dante's work exposes the complete extent to which the American legal system codified White supremacy, Anti-non-Whiteness, and Anti-Blackness.

The book ranks for me as one of the most significant, erudite, thorough and powerfully voiced books ever written on race in America. This a riveting, compelling and excruciating presentation, indictment, and prosecution of "White America" from its inception as a psychopathic and sociopathic construction, which persists into the present. "White" America exists juxtaposed to its violently parasitic extortion of Blackness. While the book makes the case for pathology and sociopathy, no such “racism” diagnosis currently exists in the DSM or WHO-ICD, but such a diagnosis is a logical extension of King’s argument. We cannot jump straight to renewal in the United States of America without truth and reconciliation. For us to realize our best days ahead as a nation, the truth presented in this book is foundational reading.

Dr. William J. Watson, author of "Twelve Steps for White America

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