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The 400 Year Holocaust 

Toolkit and Workbook

The 400 Year Workbook is a roadmap for Leaders and Practitioners seeking to design and implement anti-racism focused strategies, tools, and practices into their organizations. Dante King provides a combination of clear policy and procedure-driven frameworks, organizational action plans, leadership competentcies, and skill practices. Leaders are provided hands on opportunities and experiences needed to move from planning into action, through application practice and accountability.   

I can say unequivocally that Mr. King's training is the absolute best I have experienced in terms of its depth, comprehensiveness and effectiveness. The pre-term birth initiative had benefited enormously from Mr. King's unparalleled scholarship, drive, emotional connection and dedication to work. [...] While not always comfortable, Mr. King's brilliant and caring leadership has enabled us to understand, sit with, and then use the discomfort to effect sorely needed change.

Dr. Miriam Kupperman, Professor - UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynocology, and Reproductive  
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