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Last week, I had the opportunity to interview with Areva Martin, on her show, 'Areva Martin In Real Time.' We discussed the 'Battle Over Teaching Black History, and more specifically the Arkansas ban on teaching Black history in their public school system. I specifically emphasized and highlighted the ways in which White people are using THEIR legal system to take basic rights away from Black people, in a similar fashion as they did between 1873 through 1926, situating Black people into a position of permanent underclass-ship in United States of America.

Today's Black community has not seen or experienced a 'White community' as vicious, hateful, and anti-Black as we are seeing in this present moment. Our parents and grandparents have. So, what does this mean?

This means that the second American civil war that has long been uttered by White people, along with White terrorism and White retribution, are happening right before our eyes. Unfortunately, as subjects of this very vile and perverted nation, there is nothing that Black people, as a collective people, are able to do to stop these treacherous and inhumane actions in this very moment.

In the words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, in 1971:

"Black people have no right to expect anything from this country, because it wasn't set up for them. Black people were not brought here to be given democracy, they were brought here to do some work; to labor and to obey."

Does this realization and understanding make me angry?!

HELL YES!! 🤦🏾‍♂️😡

How about you?!

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