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Anti-Racism Leadership 360-Evaluation

A-La Carte
These tools have been designed for leaders with White, or racial privilege; as well as Black
and Brown leaders who:


  • Have made commitments to racial equity and anti-racism work personally and professionally.
  • Are looking to examine thoroughly the ways in which they exhibit, perpetuate, and reinforce tenets of White supremacy culture, and Anti-Blackness.
  • Are serious about true transformative change as it pertains to interrogating anti-Black, anti-Latinx, and other anti-non-White behaviors that are the result of favorable White-supremacy normative bias, and unfavorable impressions linked to biases about people (and/or behaviors), resulting from inferior and negative associations rooted in views about non-White people, behaviors, and attitudes that are traditionally not embraced or widely accepted in White American culture.
  • Desire authentic feedback from Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, and other non-White staff who are guided and coached to provide candid, unfiltered feedback about their experience with your leadership style
  • Authentically cares about learning how to negotiate and manage racial and/or positional privilege
  • Desires coaching and candid feedback about specific behavioral and attitudinal changes that would help improve and enhance relationships with employees who do not possess racial and/or positional privilege.


This service and process includes:

  • 45-minute pre-review session to set and discuss goals, choose raters, and discuss invitation messaging to raters.
  • 30-minute kick-off session with raters
  • 1-hour post-review discussion about the summary and themes from 360-degree feedback.
  • Optional: One-hour facilitated discussion with leader and raters.


∗ Total timeframe to complete all activities within the package is approximately 4-weeks. Additional meetings can be scheduled at a rate of $300-per 30-minutes.

Anti-Racism Leadership 360-Evaluation

  • All sales for services are final.

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