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Imagine the creation and growth of a ‘modern’ society which was built and founded upon violence. The leaders and archetypes of the society establish themselves as sovereign to the territory. They establish institutions, including a legal system, which provides that they are able to hoard power amongst and within their own group, while establishing and enforcing.’ This includes anyone who is not deemed a member of the dominant group.

This group creates every institutional and cultural norm, standard, concept—everything, to both support and reinforce their sovereignty. These cultural and institutional tenets include language, education, religion, legality, academia…..everything. The masses of lay people who are members of this group/political organization do not understand, nor have they ever been invited to understand the fragile delusions in which they live. Members of the group are both reinforced and protected, yet subject to complete mind control. They live within the matrix of mental delusion and cannot conceptualize a reality or norms outside of their made-up lived experiences.

People in this dominant group are constantly reinforced about the value of their humanity and superiority. The dominant group enjoys daily benefits that allow them to maintain their cultural dominance for centuries. These people believe that those who look different, especially those with darker skin, are inferior. As a result, they exploit the ‘others,’ because of an obsession and fixation on their ‘difference.’ The obsession and fixation go uninterrogated and uninvestigated for several centuries, until finally, members of the targeted group emerge as free-thinkers and can investigate the psychopathology for what it is.

Through force, deceit, and manipulation, the dominant group controls both dominant and non-dominant individuals, eventually allowing ‘others’ to be part of their culture after internal conflicts. Horrifyingly, the institutions, culture, and systems perpetually manipulate the 'others,' who are controlled by and work in favor of the dominant group, against their own wellbeing and interests. Cultural and institutional norms, practices, and systems perpetually abuse the 'others,' who are rejected by the dominant group and their allies. Despite this, the 'others' continue to strive to assimilate, conform, and participate in the culture.

In a hostile manner, the 'others' constantly face brutalization and disenfranchisement. The dominant group has economized the pain and suffering of the ‘others.’ And while members of the targeted group understand that they are indeed flagrantly marginalized, they are made to assume internalized beliefs and a posture that they are somehow responsible for their failures and lack of successes in the marginalized environment. The targeted group and their children don't fully grasp the extent of the abuse they or their ancestors endured.

The ‘others’ live within the psychic and tangible delusions and corruptions of the dominant group. An absence of knowledge amongst the ‘others’ leads to miscalculations, misconceptions, and misinterpretations of current realities. They do not understand that they live within a culture which was founded upon principles of psychopathic and sociopathic terrorism. They cannot mentally reconcile the absence of morality and the inhumanity that they face every day through systematic, institutional, and cultural disenfranchisement.

In short, this brief introduction explains White American psychopathology.

This is whiteness.

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