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The United States cannot ever boast the reputation of being a 'free' country, or that we are somehow a 'first-world' nation. This country is as TREACHEROUS and VILLAINOUS as any other country that normalizes human and civil rights violations and abuses. It is filled with White men who lack any type of moral or emotional core when it comes to others, especially Black people, and women. This can also be said for gatekeepers of Whiteness, White supremacy and patriarchy, such as Amy Barrett and Uncle Remus (Clarence Thomas), who ruled alongside White extremists' men (Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Roberts), to do what the majority of White people wanted them to do; eliminate abortion access.

The 13-year-old Black girl child, forced to have a baby by her RAPIST, is INHUMANE!!

This situation, and others like it, continue to be mounting evidence that proves that White morality is non-existent and that we continue to be ruled by complete psychopaths with authority.

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