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The Normativity of White Violence in America: THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!

Updated: May 16, 2023

I refrained from writing about this last week because I did not even know how to process it, or where to begin.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, having been molested as a child from ages 7-10, I was rivetted by what I saw and heard from former United States President Donald Trump, during the deposition he provided to attorney Roberta Kaplan. At the same time, there was nothing shocking or perplexing about it at all.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s ongoing admissions of and support for sexual assault (Go to 35:44) represent one of the core foundations of Whiteness and White supremacy in America. As Trump put it, people in positions of power, White men predominantly, have been participating in raping women since beginning of time. Particularly, in America, for decades and centuries, White men not only participated in raping women, but they also codified it through juridical processes.

While I have written about this topic previously, in my book and through other articles and posts that I’ve published previously, I am writing again at this time to simply say to any and everyone who will hear and feel me…. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

For centuries, American authority figures have normalized violent, predatory, and abusive behaviors. As lay people in this society we have been forced to accept it under the guise that this is ordinary human behavior. I do not believe that premise at all. The fact is, Americans (and we are not alone in this phenomena) has been ruled by the most treacherous and villainous figures who have shaped our culture and many of the diabolical cultural tenets that are at the root and foundation of it!

And now, former President Donald Trump, a man who espoused that sexual assault was a fortunate privilege, has the potential to once again be elected to the highest office in the land. Breathe that in. An admitted predator and sexual abuser has the potential to become the highest elected official in the country, AGAIN! Only White skin, under conditions of White dominance and sociopathy could permit this reality, in a pro-White, White-male-American-patriarchal society. Yes, we are ruled by sociopaths with authority in America, and this has been the case since the founding of this country. Once again, THIS IS NOT NORMAL. It is only normal under conditions of White psychopathic dominance and control.

I am writing this short note because I just had to say something in this moment. I am sickened to my core, and I could not let this moment pass for my own sanity and need to express. I had to say something. I had to write my thoughts and feelings, rather than suffer inside, alone.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings with you!

Love and peace always,


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