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Last Tuesday, September 19th, I had the opportunity to be the opening keynote speaker, at #GreenRiverCollege, in Washington, along with my friend and colleague #TimWise, who spoke in the afternoon.

The event was phenomenal! While it was sponsored by the school, the #BlackCaucus was truly responsible for bringing our message to the campus. Thank you #GRBC for your continued fortitude, empowerment, courage, and tenacity. Keep pushing!!

Sending a personal thank you to my tribe, #BessieGordon, #MimiWeithersBruce, #HaNguyen, #Katrice #Angela #Yvette #Amanda #Mark and #DrJashonBanks. Thank you for making Tuesday possible, for so many whose experiences go unseen, unacknowledged, unrealized, and unheard! Please continue supporting and uplifting #BlackPeople. Thank you for also rolling out the red carpet for my me and my assistant, and for making us feel like family. Your hospitality was unmatched!

As my new friend, #DrJohnson said in her opening address, "It's time to do better."


I look forward to reconnecting with you all again, very soon!


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