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Last week, I had the opportunity to both attend and be a featured guest author/presenter at the Washington State Faculty and Staff of Color Conference (FSOCC), in Vancouver Washington. If you have not attended this conference, make sure that you plan to attend next year!

The FSOCC really filled my cup, as it did last year. The conference was put together amazingly well. HUGE THANK YOU to my sisters #Gum-Lai Ross and #BeabeAkpojovwo!! These women have unrelentingly supported me and my work since the moment we connected. Thank you for being #TruthStewards and #TruthConduits. We are forever connected.

This experience blessed me with the opportunity to connect with #DrYoshikoHarden, President of Renton College, and DrDarrylBrice, who I now consider my big sister and brother. Anyone who knows #DrHarden and #DrBrice, know how brilliant they are. We were extremely blessed with protected time to reflect and process with each other. We developed new meaning and understanding about the woefully inadequate and miseducation of the history of America, and the current state of Black genocide that is evolving in America.

The experience enabled me to reconnect with my #SocialJusticeSiblings #Katrice #Bessie #Tanisha #Ha #Degundrea and #Vanessa #LaToya #Gerald and my #SocialJusticeAunt #DrDebraJenkins. It was wonderful to share an embrace and brief moments of release and decompression with each other.

In addition, I was fortunate to facilitate two amazing and successful interactive workshops. During conversations with several people who attended my workshops, someone began their statement with “Now that I have attended Dante’s #SchoolOfWakeTheFUp…..” This was the most rewarding feedback for me. It really highlighted the intended goal of my work, which is to transform people’s understanding about the #RacialPoliticsOfWhiteness, #RacialPoliticsOfAmerica, #WhitePsychopathology #WhitePeoplesObsessionWithWhiteness #WhitePeoplesObsessionWithBlackness #WhitePeoplesObsessionWithColorCasteRacsim #CollectivePsychosis, and #AmericasSickness.

My purpose continues to be reaffirmed for me ongoing, and it was definitely reaffirmed on this trip!

Thank you to #FSOCC for giving away 300 copies of my book, #The400YearHolocaust, to conference attendees. I was able to sign many of the books, and in turn, I met lots of great #SocialJusticeSiblingsandRelatives.

I look forward seeing many of you again throughout the next year!

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