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San Francisco Sun Reporter Special Edition: Talented Twenty-Five

I am deeply honored to be recognized in the First and Special Edition of the San Francisco Sun Reporter's 2023, as member of the Talented 25 (of 2022), alongside other amazing creatives, culture shapers, and influencers.

I understand so deeply that it is not about us being the "only" representatives of talented Black people, because all Black people are talented; although most Black people are not given opportunities to reach a modicum of their potential due to anti-Black racism and existence in a White supremacist society and culture. I am grateful to have partnered with many of these individuals in making moves that have shaken White supremacy, anti-Blackness, and racism in San Francisco, Oakland, and in many parts of this country.

I have not laid down and just accepted my place of subjugation and smallness in White supremacy. No! On the contrary, I have pushed back fervently, and it has come at a cost that most will never know. I have suffered depression, physical ailments, suicide ideation, and tremendous sadness. I have even shared with my close confidants that I did not feel I would make it to 50 years-old because the pain, at times, has been so great.

But I am grateful that I am here to live another day. I appreciate and am thankful for my tribe. You know who you are. Thank you for loving, supporting, and caring for me; checking on my well-being, and creating space for me and my purpose, which is my life.

Lastly, I dedicate everything that I do and have done in my entire life to my mother, Debra King-Cooper. Mom, you are absolutely amazing. You are my first and top role model. Thank you for being the iteration of brilliance and excellent that I have witnessed throughout my whole entire life. Thank you for creating and maintaining high standards for me, pushing me, loving me, providing all I needed and many of the things I wanted throughout my childhood and beyond. I saw you work and push through so many barriers and challenges growing up. You raised two boys (after divorcing our father, which was an incredibly bold move for a woman, especially a Black woman, in the early 80's; and the right move), and never looked back. You maintained high standards for us and yourself.

There are truly not enough words to convey or express how much you mean to me. You are my religion and I worship the ground you walk on.

Again, I am extremely humbled and grateful to share in this auspicious occasion. Thank you to the team over at the SF Sun Reporter, as well as Geoffrea Simpson-Morris for valuing me and my work.

To learn more about the honorees click this link: #BeingBlackIsBlackExcellence

Happy New Year!!

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