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Rooted in Enslavement

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Rooted in Enslavement: How American Medicine Was Built on the Oppression, Experimentation and Commodification of the Black Body

The Black body has been exploited as a tool by others since the first enslaved Africans were brought to the shores of Virginia in 1619. Many industries such as cotton, sugar cane and tobacco were built on the backs of Black people to create the wealth inequality that we see today. What is seldom discussed is the many ways in which the fields of healthcare and medicine were also developed and continue to flourish under the same systems of enslavement and Jim Crow. Dante King, a Bay Area expert in the advancement of equity, inclusion, and equality, will discuss the history and experiences of the enslaved and their descendants, and how the Medical Industrial Complex owes its development, foundation, and success to the experimentation and commodification of Black bodies.

*Link to remote access available at the end of the page. This event will be recorded and available to those who sign up for our newsletter. You can also view all event summaries and records in the news section of our website.

*Please be aware that a member of the press (REVEAL News) will be in attendance at this event and recording audio for reporting purposes.

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