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As I continue to do this work, I become more and more aware that the message will not reach everyone. Some individuals, typically #NonBlackPeople, have a hard time #listeningto and #hearingfrom me, a Black male presenting person, on the topic of anti-Blackness. Reactions of deflection and defensiveness range from criticisms about my #tone, #facialexpressions, #demeanor, #attitude, etc. Statements shared with me range from, “It’s not all about Black people,” to “Why are you focusing on Black people so much?” Such reactions like these, have been rendered from #White and #NonBlack #People, who exhibit tremendous disdain and even anger at times. Some of the reactions are off-putting, even scary, and yet I know this these are the results of someone sharing #uncomfortabletruths, #unapologetically, #notseekingvalidationoragreement.

While some of these experiences have been riveting, especially where #educationalorganizations and #educators are involved, these experiences are not unique, shocking, or unexpected. Understanding the evolution, understanding, principles, and functionality of Anti-Blackness, has helped me to understand the dynamics I experience in this work. I remain grateful for all of the love and support I receive from so many which supersede the #AntiBlack experiences. Those responses, from thoughtful, open, critically thinking and aware people, outweigh the impacts of #negativity and #closedmindedness.

My goal and purpose remain most important to me, and while I would hope that #allhumans would possess #empathy #compassion and #concern for Black bodies, that is not the #world or #country in which we live. As I state in the revised version of my book, which will be released later this year or early next year, “American culture trains and teaches its citizens and visitors, to hate Black people. This hard truth is the reality, and I am well aware of the #AntiBlack orientation people hear, see, and experience me through. Nevertheless, I will continue to #push through for the sake of educating the masses and saving lives.

Will you #PUSH with me? Can I count on you?

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