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Juneteenth Anti-Racism Rally Sponsored and Held By SEIU on June 19th, 2018

This rally was one of the most powerful organized events I have experienced during my tenure with the City and County of San Francisco. The subtleties of racism continue to rampant throughout the U.S. No state, county, city or neighborhood is exempt. We are socialized racially. Racial bias ensues as the result of race socialization; and racial bias is the tool of Racism; which European-Americans ("White" people) have used and continue use to facilitate Racism in this country.

The members of SEIU took a tremendous courageous stand in speaking-up against oppressive systems and "well-meaning" leaders who continue to advance explicit and implicit racially oppressive agendas against black and brown employees.

Several of the speakers included Brenda Barros, Sheryl Thornton, Phylicia Jones, San Francisco Board of Supervisors: Hillary Ronan, Jane Kim, Sandra Fewer.

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