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On Monday, January 15th, I was a guest on The Todd Allbaugh Show. We had a short but intriguing conversation about the ever-increasing and perverse nature of White supremacy and anti-Blackness in America. We discussed the attacks that Charlie Kirk and others are bringing forth in attempts to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King's character.

I quoted from Dr. Bobby Wright, who stated:

"In their relationship with Blacks, Whites are psychopaths." There is infinite evidence to prove this reality. And yet, White people not only exhibit psychopathic behavior towards Black people, but others in American society, including Black people, have also been trained to display psychopathic tendencies towards Black people.

Dr. Claude Anderson, in 1995, stated that by 2015 (and it is now 2024) we would experience the most anti-Black culture that this country had seen or experienced since before the 1960s. He was right.

Click this link to listen to the interview.

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