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Gatekeepers: White Women and BIPOC Upholders of Cis-Het-White-Male Patriarchy (Whiteness)

I was recently asked a question about the ways White women (White-presenting women, and/or women with high degrees of prioritization and/or privilege) uphold and exude cis-het-White-male patriarchy within institutions. I provided several examples based upon a combination of direct and indirect experiences, as well as scholarship. As luck would have it, the following article was produced by Britt Caldwell, from Webflow, just several days ago.

White women are the most dangerous upholders of white supremacy in Silicon Valley, and holding them accountable could cost you your career, your community, and your sanity

While Britt writes from her own perspective as a White woman, I can attest to the testimonies of countless non-White employees who experience White women in leadership, in the same and even harsher ways; impacts much more severe and lasting than the experiences chronicled in Britt's accounts.

In addition, I am including another article by Danielle Slaughter, from Mamademics, presented to a Black and female lens, which also underscores some of the ways in which BIPOC can function as gate-keepers in upholding cis-het-White-patriarchy.

All the Supremacist are White, All of the Patriarchy are Men, But You're Probably a Gatekeeper

These ladies should be applauded for their rich perspectives and scholarship on these issues. Excellent job, ladies!

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