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Audio Sales of #The400YearHolocaust Hit the 200 Mark!

I am so honored to share that more than 200 copies of my book, #The400YearHolocaust have been purchased through Audible, over the past year! This is huge for me because I wanted to ensure that my work was available through this medium for the purpose of appealing to auditory readers and learners alike.

I understand that many people do not 'read' in the traditional way, and that members of the auditory learning community are many times slighted when written materials are not translated onto an auditory platform. Sure, there are tools that translate text to speech. However, accessing information should not be made to be difficult.

In any case, I made the choice to record my own audio book at a professional studio, with the help of my engineer and producer #RyanDaisley and I am glad that I did!

Thank you, my fellow auditory learning community members, for all of your support!

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