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I am extremely grateful and excited to announce that the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME), has awarded me the 2023 Carter G. Woodson Award, for writing #The400YearHolocaust.

Many people who know me understand that Carter G. Woodson has been one of my greatest influences. His work in education, as well as his efforts to reveal the perverted nature of indoctrination and corruption of Black people through American institutions, in his phenomenal book #MiseducationOfTheNegro, was brilliant. Reading his works and understanding the merits and truth of his work was revolutionary for me.

I accept this award and the honor on behalf of the shoulders of other Black revolutionaries, activists, many of whom I cite in my book. I also accept the honor on behalf of all of the African and Black people who have fought against the anti-Black American legal, political, economic, and institutional systems that have served to exploit and murder Black people for centuries; people whose names we know, as well as the names of the people we do not know.

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