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All of San Francisco's city workers will be required to get COVID-19 vaccine

Melanie Woodrow

Jun 25, 2021

San Francisco city employees will soon be required to report their current vaccination status and show proof of vaccination.

The city says the new mandate is to protect employees and the public as the city reopens services and returns more employees to the workplace.

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Mayor London Breed says San Francisco has been a leader in the pandemic with more than 80% of residents getting vaccinated.

The city sent a survey to all city employees; approximately 55% reported being vaccinated, approximately 5% said they have not and the rest did not respond.

"I had to think about our workforce, I had to think about the public and what I was subjecting the public to and it was important for me to make sure that we set an example with our workforce," said Mayor Breed.

City employees have until July 29 to report their status and no later than 10 weeks after the FDA gives final approval to at least one COVID-19 vaccine to get vaccinated.

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"I think most people understand it, most of our workers are vaccinated, they understand the science," said Supervisor Matt Haney.

The new policy will mandate vaccinations for all city employees including police officers.

San Francisco Police Officers Association Vice President Tracy McCray says officers do have some questions and concerns.

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