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Howard County Champions of Change Conference Keynote by Dante King

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the team in Howard County, Maryland, in support of their antiracism and racial equity initiatives. I was featured as their preconference keynote, in addition to hosting and facilitating a one-day capacity building training session.

Together we explored the roots of Whiteness, White supremacy, and Anti-Blackness, in which I had the pleasure of facilitating this rich content to more than 100 staff at the Harriet Tubman Cultural Center.

Later in the evening, I was featured as the pre-conference opening reception keynote speaker. During this talk, I shared more insights regarding the ways White American local, state, and federal governments began targeting African Americans in the late 1800's.

The irony is that we find ourselves in the same situation today. Nothing has changed. America's systems, culture, and institutions are working exactly as they were designed to work.

Thank you to my dear sister Erika Chavarria for reaching out to my team and me and making this happen! Additional thanks to Jackie Scott, Kim Eisenreich, Marsha Dawson, and the Howard County, Maryland team for partnering with Erika and Columbia Community Care to host me for this very special event! Thank you to Kori Jones for yielding your time, leadership, and space for the event. Special thank you to Samya & McKenzie for introducing me during this event!

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