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Healing Antiblackness and White Supremacy in America

If Black people (and others) continue to deal with other Black people through pathological lenses (me included), then we will continue perpetuating negative concepts, stigmas and stereotypes, about ourselves and others. We must heal the antiblack psychology we have been indoctrinated with. It is not just White supremacy that is a threat, it is the sickness of antiblackness.

Reject stereotypes about crime being higher in Black neighborhoods, Black children not doing well in schools....and the list goes on.

The reason it is often suggested that crime is higher in Black neighborhoods is because White people, and gatekeepers of White supremacy and antiblackness, control and perpetuate the design and enforcement of criminality through a White-Anglo-European concept of criminality. Hence raping a Black woman being essentially legal, cultural, and practical in America for more than 300 years, and White men being exempted from many rape statutes and laws; as well as not being criminalized for the act of rape against Black women). Questions we must always be asking ourselves: who has designed and controlled our concepts and ideas around criminality? Who has and still controls the design and enforcement of the system? How often is White criminality overlooked, given a slap on the wrist, exempted, etc. Here are some examples:

Are these points clear?

The reason many Black children do not do well in a White-Anglo-Eurocentric educational system (and this is very nuanced and layered, and I cannot and could not outline it all here) is because it is a White-Anglo-Eurocentric design and model of "education", that feeds directly into a White institutional system, which is connected to and incentivized by a White-Anglo-Eurocentric capitalistic framework. The model itself is flawed and limited by design.

The fact that people like John Rockefeller, Horace Mann and others were influential in developing America's system and institution of education, one that supported White controlled ideas and visions of "learning", "intellect", "IQ" "knowledge", "research", "pedagogy" and other definitions and concepts embraced by most Americans (including most Black people) today - who consider themselves "steps above the rest", serves to harm Black people who have not assimilated by these standards. This point was central to Joe Feagin's main premise in the White Racial Frame.

In other words, Black people who do well assimilating and conforming to Eurocentricity, discount other Black people who do not. This was highlighted and scaled very well in Dr. E. Franklin Frazier's 1957 book: Black Bourgeoisie. We need to stop this type of abuse and harm which pervades our community and focus on healing ourselves and others by developing a healthy psychology and emotionality, in the ways we understand, support, and love Black people.

We must reject the White delusion of the reality that has been created, shaped, and perfected around us.

Does this make sense?

Please leave and/or type in a comment below if you understand, do not understand, and/or have a question about what has been written here.

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This absolutely makes sense! The whole system (including education and media) is operating the way it was intended to. I love the opening & closing paragraph, Dante. We must remove antiblackness from our psyche, which stems from a Eurocentric white supremacy lens. We must be intentional about this in order to heal as a community.

Thank you for sharing this, Dante!!

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