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He Was Just A Boy (by Alan Thrower)

As some of you may know, I have connected with African American inmates throughout the California state prison system. One in particular, Alan Thrower, writes poetry. He asked me to post one of his pieces online and I assured him I would. I found it to be a reflective piece based upon conversations I have had with him in the past. Enjoy!


By one God HE WAS JUST A BOY, not fully aware. Wandering from place to place without plans, a young male not fully matured, with no direction and misconceptions of who he wanted to be, HE WAS JUST A BOY, not seeing further ahead because at such an early age he had misread the lines yet unripened in his times he blossomed a little too early. HE WAS JUST A BOY, where in his period of life he was new and unblemished, to reach maturity he outgrew, but unfinished a life that was made to be. HE WAS JUST A BOY, in search for more, his thoughts premature cause, HE WAS JUST A BOY….

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