The Origins of White Supremacy, Anti-Blackness, Laws, Religion, Academia, Healthcare/Education

This was/is my 3rd Installment, presenting my work at UCSF. This time I presented about the origins of White Supremacy, Anti-Blackness, and how these elements worked to directly set-up/establish/design the legal system - which then influenced religion (i.e. Maryland Toleration Act of 1649), which directly influenced and set up the 9 colonial colleges and universities (Harvard, William & Mary, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, etc.) which were all founded by White men who all had ties to the system of racial slavery of Black people. Almost all of these men considered themselves men of prudence who practiced and even preached, in most cases, the gospel of Christianity (coming from Presbyterianism, Baptist, Methodist sects primarily). In addition, I philosophized and discussed the ways in which these academic institutions produced a conglomeration of White men who were allowed to develop and publish works that served to degrade the bodies and overall existence of Black people through their medical doctrines and philosophies, as well as how these men gained acclaim, notoriety, and became widely known as medical experts - when they were really medical terrorists.

The overall goal was to continue demonstrating how White Racism and Anti-Blackness informed and were infused into all institutions, specifically the formation of our government, legal system, religion, academia, health education, healthcare; and the totality of everything that acknowledge in our realities as human beings in the United States.

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