• Explore and understand how ethnic, racial and color bias was infused into culture through U.S. laws and policies, their affects on cultural norms ideologies, beliefs, traditions and practices; shaping all realities in present day society.


  • —Consider how such frameworks were (and are currently) used to establish systemic, institutional, structural, symbolic, emotional, and psychological inequities between White people overall, person’s of predominantly African descent and most other non-white individuals (commonly referred to as groups of color).


  • —Understand how such frameworks reinforce division and marginalization amongst non-white identified racial and ethnic minorities on all scales.


  ◦ Analyze lingering effects of more than 500 years of institutional, structural  
    and systemic racism and sexism through reviewing present examples and 
    outcomes of power and privilege within the United States, and making 
    connections to our past; and what it has meant to be American.


  ◦ Establish basic cultural competence, sensitivity and humility through 
    evaluating root causes of individual beliefs, ideologies and education that 
    prohibit inclusion, appreciation of diversity, and equity.


  ◦ Collaborate with others to begin identifying ways to value diversity, making
    equity and inclusion a daily reality (culturally, symbolically, mentally, 
    emotionally, economically, etc.).

Changing Lives

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