Racism Kills

I used to show this video several years ago and thought it would be great to share in our current climate. #powerful

The Ways In Which I Comply with White Structural Racism (My Own Oppression and Subjugation); Preserv

Over the several months, I have pondered how I, along with so many others have been taught to feel guilty about naming issues which reinforce the oppression, marginalization and subjugation of the groups we belong to; as well as our own relentless daily encounters. Analyzing this through the lens of race, many of us, African-American and black and brown-identified individuals are taught to maintain white comfort; which preserves white superiority, supremacy and racism – socially and structurally. White completely at our expense and overall demise, we wallow in angst to preserve comfort for those in mainstream society who are not comfortable naming racism, race-related issues and many other

Robin Di Angelo's White Fragility

I continue to be thrilled about Robin Di Angelo's work around White Fragility, and the release of this book (which actually evolved from her research work). I am also thrilled to know and have personally shared with Robin Di Angelo - in my quest to bring her to the City and County of San Francisco (soon my friend, soon). Her work on Whiteness and White Fragility is phenomenal; ground breaking! To all of my African American, black and brown people, other groups of color and also competent, capable and authentic white allies of people of color, please share this talk with every "open-minded (lol)" "progressive" person you know. This work is transformative! Attached, is a talk about the book sh

Confronting Racial and Other Types of Bias On the Spot

As a black, feminist, homosexual person, I am made to be uncomfortable almost every day of my life. It takes tremendous courage to address subjugation, as we (those of us from marginalized groups) are made to ensure those in positions of power (i.e. heterosexual, white, male, elite, etc.) remain comfortable. Aligning with status quo means self-sacrifice and not addressing conflicts directly related to our cultural differences. As someone who worked in corporate America for almost 20 years, I endured this every day of my career (multiple times per day); suffered relentless self-betrayal, making myself small as the result of not confronting degrading conflicts of cultural differences head-on

Juneteenth Anti-Racism Rally Sponsored and Held By SEIU on June 19th, 2018

This rally was one of the most powerful organized events I have experienced during my tenure with the City and County of San Francisco. The subtleties of racism continue to rampant throughout the U.S. No state, county, city or neighborhood is exempt. We are socialized racially. Racial bias ensues as the result of race socialization; and racial bias is the tool of Racism; which European-Americans ("White" people) have used and continue use to facilitate Racism in this country. The members of SEIU took a tremendous courageous stand in speaking-up against oppressive systems and "well-meaning" leaders who continue to advance explicit and implicit racially oppressive agendas against black and


Attached is the link to the guest appearance I made on the Street Soldiers radio show on 106.1 KMEL, hosted by Dr. Joseph Marshall. The segment was called Police Bias and it aired on April 23rd, 2018. I was honored to be one of a panel of individuals who are currently working to affect policing protocols in San Francisco. My other counterparts included Assistant SFPD Chief Toney Chaplin, Attorney Samara Marion from the Department of Police Accountability, and Lieutenant Wilfred Williams from the San Francisco Police Department. The video below is a brief snapshot, while the Police Bias podcast can be found at: https://youtu.be/74ug6UzNB94 https://youtu.be/74ug6UzNB94

Micro-Aggressions as Results of Unconscious/Implicit Bias: Are they Micro, or Macro?

The following post focuses on the direct effects unconscious bias and micro-aggressions can have on people’s creativity, productivity, effectiveness and performance; leading to negative net-effects organizationally. Are they really Micro, M.I.C.R.O, or Macro-Aggressions? Recently, while traveling for business, I experienced a situation during my hotel stay. A friend met me at my hotel for dinner. Upon his arrival, an attendant from the front desk called my room to alert me of his presence. I thanked him and asked for the guest to be allowed to my room. The employee told me I needed to personally escort the guest to my room. I explained to the employee that other guests (colleagues) at th

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