Facilitating experiences for individuals and organizations to build capacity for valuing diversity; promoting equity and inclusion as the pathway to enhanced engagement and sustained success within an ever-changing society.


  • Distribute pre and post surveys to assess commitment pulse of target audience members.

  • Facilitate Understanding the Roots multi-day workshop for stakeholders to develop shared understanding, definitions, and foundations of various forms of racism - its embedded presumption and functionality; anti-racism; implicit bias; as well as using race and social equity & inclusion strategies to support effective and meaningful change.

  • Unite leaders and teams through ongoing leadership sponsored follow-up sessions to strategize about actualizing key learnings and takeaways:

    • Individually (personal and professional)

    • Leadership (if applicable)

    • Organizational

  • Compile, review, analyze and synthesize data to assist report preparation and summary for all stakeholders

  • Reunite members and leaders in subsequent follow-up sessions to establish goals, benchmarks, and outcomes. 

  • Establish firm agreements to provide hands-on coaching, as well as frequent and ongoing checkpoints to assess progress of commitments. 

  • Distribute flash surveys targeting priority areas to assess progress.

  • Provide feedback and potential solutions to address organizational and interpersonal inequities.

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